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The Best Time to Visit South Island New Zealand is NOW (Autumn)

With the summer adrenaline junkies gone and winter powder hounds about to descend, the best time to visit South Island New Zealand is actually late Autumn (Apr-May). Here’s 6 reasons why: 1. It really lays on the eye candy South Island New Zealand has some of the most spectacular scenery in the world, and this […]

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18 Awesome Things to Do with Kids in Melbourne

Like anything to do with kids, holidaying with them can be downright challenging. Melbourne is a great city for kids. It gets street cred for its hip, underground art and music scene and scores big points for sports-related activities. Enjoy a frustration-free holiday, get cool credits and drain their seemingly unlimited reserves of NRG with […]

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The Ultimate Sydney Weekend – 9 of the Best Things to Do

Having lived in Sydney all my life, I understand that planning a trip here can be daunting… where to start?! Do you want a touristy experience of Sydney or do you prefer to hang out with the locals? Are you cashed up or on a tight budget? Are you a nature lover, foodie, art critic, sports-mad, […]


Mystical Southeast Asia – 9 Sacred Sites you MUST visit

You don’t have to be religious to get your zen on in Southeast Asia. In fact, it’s hard not to be moved when you witness the architectural beauty and soul-soothing mysticism of Southeast Asia’s most sacred sites. From Cambodia’s Angkor Wat, Bali’s Borobudur and the ancient city of Bagan in Burma, Southeast Asia has countless […]


10 reasons Paris is STILL the most romantic city in the world

An Eiffel tower dinner followed by a Moulin Rouge show and some faire l’amour in your hotel room… too clichéd for you? Then what is it about Paris that allows it to claim the title of “most romantic city in the world” year after year? If not the iconic monuments, is it the amorous ambience […]


Fiji vs Vanuatu

We frequently get asked the question: Which is a better holiday spot, Fiji or Vanuatu? When comparing the glorious natural eye candy, it’s really coconuts for coconuts, but delve a bit deeper and you realise that not all tropical paradises are created equal. Luckily they come with their own unique set of dreamy pros. So […]