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Staycation, the most relaxing holiday ever?

Why a Staycation is the Most Underrated Travel Idea Ever

What is a Staycation? A staycation is different from your typical holiday. Instead of travelling to popular destinations and being out and about doing all sorts of activities, one simply checks into a hotel and opts for more low-key activities such as relaxing at the spa, reading books, having a movie marathon or lying by […]

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Top Australian Hotels for Day Spa Pampering

Top 5 Australian Hotels for Day Spa Pampering

We all need a little pampering from time-to-time. No need to explain or justify it. So without further ado, here are 5 Australian hotels with dreamy day spas and decadent dining to ensure your getaway is truly “all about you”.

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Camel ride on Cable Beach

14 Awesome Things to Do in Broome

A lashing of romance, a getaway from city life, an excuse to buy some new bling – whatever your reason for visiting Broome, once you sink your toes into the famous Cable Beach sand and catch your first sunset, you’ll just know it was a stroke of genius.  

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Run to Paradise (The Cook Islands version)

When the Choirboys belted out Run to Paradise, they were anguishing over the topic of drugs and death. Not that we noticed, as we cheerily screamed along to the chorus of this pub classic. But when Jenny and Johnny ‘run to paradise’, it means they’ve died and gone to heaven. So it got me thinking, if heaven […]


Fiji vs Vanuatu

We frequently get asked the question: Which is a better holiday spot, Fiji or Vanuatu? When comparing the glorious natural eye candy, it’s really coconuts for coconuts, but delve a bit deeper and you realise that not all tropical paradises are created equal. Luckily they come with their own unique set of dreamy pros. So […]

Overwater Spa Bora Bora

Lovers Guide to Bora Bora: The Pearl of the Pacific

“Love is in the air” from the moment you touch down at Bora Bora according to Cass King on Facebook, who told us her favorite place for a romantic rendezvous is this delightfully delicious tropical island escape. Are you ready for the schmooze? Let’s sashay down to the beach, sip a cocktail or two and […]